Westboro Baptist Church gained notoriety for their protest of the military funeral in various areas of this country. Just today I heard that they were headed to Joplin, Missouri to picket. Now, let that sink in for a second. A church is supposed to go to an area hit my a tornado that  is thought to have been 3/4 of a mile wide and killed over 100 people with over 1000 still missing. After getting word of this disgusting protest being planned, I went to there site and looked around. 

My heart was broken into thousands of pieces at what I saw. The more I saw the more i began to realize that the Westboro Baptist Church isn't a Christian church, it is a hate group under the disguise of a church. First, the URL for the site is "godhatesfags.com." In their blogs, they praise the destruction that the tornadoes have wrought upon people in recent days. There is a link to another of there pages where you can see what they describe as God's hate in the bible. The released a press release that thanks God for the deaths in Joplin and announce their intent to protest Obama, who they veiw as the anti-Christ, in this ravaged area of Missouri. If you aren't sure to believe me, go here. You can see this disgusting press release yourself. 

I can not, will not ever believe that God hates anyone on earth. I believe that those who fall away from knowing the love of God do not stir hatred in God. God does not wish that anyone burn, how can you believe that God hates us, yet believe that there is salvation? IF God hated us, why would he have given his only son to the cross for us? It is God who delivers judgement upon our souls, not some Hate-group masquerading at a church of God. This so-called Christian establishment believes that people need to hear about God's hate more than they need air, water, or even bread. 

Hey, WBC, Do you really want to see signs and wonders? Do you really want to see God at work? How about you look to see what is happening in the aftermath? God's people are coming together to help each other out in love and compassion. Family Life Fellowship Ministries in Moberly, Missouri had an empty warehouse as the full detail of what was happening to Joplin became clearer and clearer. God moved in a great number of ways to help FLF come up with ways to bring urgently need supplies to Joplin. I personally have told the lead pastor that I would be willing to travel with him if needed when they deliver more on Sunday.

We are all sinners, according to WBC, God hates us for it. Should that not mean that they are hated by God, at least by their own way of thinking? Jesus called us to love all and isn't what WBC is doing a direct action against the commandment to love all? We are to love God and one another, and it tears me up inside that the pastor of WBC has his entire congregations celebrating what they see is a hate-filled God. 

God so loves us that he gave us the freedom to have thought and choice. God so loves us that no matter how we have fallen, we always have the option to come to him to be forgiven. GOD SO LOVES US THAT WE WERE GIVEN THIS GIFT OF LIFE. GOD SO LOVES US THAT HE GIVES US THE GIFTS OF FRIENDSHIPS, FAMILY, AND THE WONDERFUL GIFT OF FELLOWSHIP WITH OTHERS WHO LOVE GOD.
Today I posted the first Publication of Serendipitous Inspiration. "11:59" was inspired by the Left Behind Series by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins, as well as the messages of Pastor Vic Comstock of Family Life Fellowship of Moberly, Missouri, 11:59 masterfully explores the prophecies of the bible as it relates to the end of the world as we know it. Included are the bible verses that speak of what is to come for those who are left after what the Christian world knows as the Rapture. William and Jason show you that even if you are left behind, God will watch over those who come to believe after the rapture. Originally created as a series for the Charity works of the Serendipity volumes, William and I worked together to bring it together in a book that is available at only cost with a downloadable version available for free. You can find the book available in the Prints and Download link in the sidebar.  I am grateful that William allowed me to be a part of this work, lets face it, he did not have to. The fact is that there are other books posted on the site, but 11:59 is our first joint effort under the name of Serendipitous Inspiration.

John 3:1616 "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.
Ephesians 2:8-10  For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith--and this not from yourselves, it is the gift of God--  not by works, so that no one can boast.  For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.
Romans 10:9-10  That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.  For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved

This is the first Easter that I have celebrated since fully giving over to God my heart and soul. Every Easter Sunday, I have known that the true meaning of the day was not about some guy in the bunny suit, It was about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. 
God sent his only son to earth to die for US. He died for all of us, regardless of the color of our skin, the language we speak, or what church building we choose to fellowship in. If I remember correctly, Jesus did not say that he was here for all except... He did for all of our sins, the sins of every man and woman. 
As easter draws nearer, I have been becoming more and more emotional as i finally understand the sacrifice that God made for us. He gave his only son for us, for us to be forgiven. As parents, we have a hard time when our child goes to camp without us for the first time. 
With the things that have happened in my life since becoming a Christian, no one can make me believe that Jesus did not exist. I know it deep within my heart. I believe that the bunny and eggs are great for the children on this day, but it is important for us as parents to make sure that our children know the true meaning. It is the same when it comes to Christmas. 
Again, I am no pastor, I have not gone to bible school, I am just a Christian that wants to bring people along on the journey i have begun. My life has been transformed by God, why wouldn't I want to share it?
Some of you know that I have decided to go back to school and pursue my Bachelor's degree. It is all revolving around my writing. I want to be able to put my vision to paper the way the I want it to be. I also want to improve my work for my readers. Whether it be fiction or one of my new works, I want it to flow well and be pleasing to my reader. I do not want to just slap words on a page and make money. If you read my earliest works, there are morals to each story. From "Never give up," all the way to "Believe in God." I have also been known to slip in social commentary in spots. I want to write in a way, especially in my new writings, to get conversations going without pushing my point of view on someone. For example, let us go into the discussion about forgiveness, which is a big part of the rewrite of my biography.
Matthew 6:14-15
For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.  But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins. That is the Christian view, however let's go into the benefits of forgiving others and we will not speak of the religious side of it for the moment.  Think about someone who has wronged you in your past, one you have not forgiven, and one that someone is probably brought up in conversation and in thoughts all the time. By not forgiving them, you are giving power over you to them. I have forgiven many people, not for their benifit, for mine. The ex that lied about the child being mine, forgiven. If I had not forgiven her, her actions and my anger over them would be ruining my relationship now, and we would not be getting married. Forgiving those have wronged you is not so easy, I understand that. Even as a Christian, I would have a hard time looking into the eyes of a rape victim and say, "Forgive your attacker." Even forgiving my ex was one of the most difficult things I have ever done. No one that has trespassed against you should be allowed to have power over you, why let them bring harm to your life even after you have pushed them out? Many don't understand the power of forgiveness, they question God's power to forgive. I was speaking with a friend a few months ago, she said something to the affect of "I can't follow a God that forgives everyone for everything." It was not until weeks later that I knew what I should have said. "Haven't you forgiven your child for things you would kick a non-family member out of your life forever?" We as parents forgive our children for things we would shun others for, and are we not God's children?
Jocelyn had gone to Africa to do missionary work for her church, she had spend ten years there, and once the mission that she had placed upon her shoulders was over, she went back home to Florida. It was her intention to live out the rest of her days as a regular woman. She was a very rich woman, the inheritance that came after her father’s death ensured that she would live a very comfortable life. She was not like many who come into money, she was a very humble woman and enjoyed helping other who had less than her.

She was a very attractive woman, average height and build, long wavy, black hair, and angelic features that could warm anyone’s heart. She always dressed casually in jeans and t-shirts. She never cared for the expensive clothing that many of the others she knew in the same financial bracket would wear. She had money, but she still felt she was just a regular person, and she had more in common with those who were not rich.

She was never a very political woman, but as the world began to change, she became a very frequent voter. She would back any politician that was against the way the world governments were trying to convert to just one currency. She was a Christian and had studied the prophecies of the Bible, she knew what was beginning to come nearer. She poured money into the campaigns of those who were very vocally against the way that Russia had attacked Israel after the largest oil reserve on earth was discovered there.

The economy of the world was so battered as years went by that the people of the world were very quick to take the word of on international banker that was more than willing to tell anyone who would listen, how he could bring peace and prosperity to all people of the world. She knew in her heart that he was a fake, another man out to fill his pockets with profit, and coming at the expense of the entire world with his empty promises.

What worried her the most about what was happening was that the international banker that was rising so quickly, Damion Merryk, an American citizen that was born and raised in Western Europe. It is in that area of the world that the bible has said the Antichrist would be born. Very little information was available about this man, but she dug up enough to be concerned.

It was on hot and human summer afternoon that she went to the park near her house. It had become a regular practice for her to go there where many of the unfortunate people congregated. These where those the economy trampled the hardest as times spiraled downward.  She would stop by a sub shop at least once a week to pick up a sandwich for herself, and one for anyone that might come and sit with her for a few moments.

She would usually pick up a meatball sub, they were nice and filling and she had yet to worry about anyone turning down that one for a meal.  She was not one to turn down a repeat visitor either. There was one man that tended to come by at least once a month. She liked it when she would see someone more than once, she began to feel as if they were becoming her friends, not just someone she pitied. This one man who said his name was Joseph, he had terrible scars on both of his hands, but he seemed to have full use of them. He had only told her that he had acquired the scars will over seas a long time ago, “Long before you were born.”

On that hot and humid afternoon, he sat with her, he accepted her offer for food but sat it down on the bench between them. He politely waited for her to finish eating before the light chit-chat became something more serious. “Do you believe in Jesus Christ?”

She turned to look at him, but she was slightly blinded as the sun was setting and seemed to be just on the other side of him. All she could see was a shadowy figure sitting next to her. “Of course I do.”

“Do you accept Jesus is the only salvation we have?” His tone was desperate and serious, as if he was crying, and it worried her. “Please do not lie to me; I will know if you are lying to me, Jocelyn Childe.”

It unnerved her a bit; she could not remember ever telling him her full name.  She was tempted to ask but he seemed too desperate in these moments, she could not bring herself to interrupt him. “Yes, I do. I accept it; I know it with all of my heart. I have gone to my knees and begged Jesus for forgiveness of my sins; I did so because I knew he was the only way.”

Further down a walking trail she hear a woman screaming that her baby was gone, a man outside the park screaming that his wife had disappeared before his eyes, and frantic screams began to rise all around her. She turned to look at him; the sun was directly behind his head, making a halo of light behind him, “It is time to go home, Jocelyn.” In the blink of an eye, he was sitting on the bench alone amidst dozens of franticly screaming people.
Hello, reader, this is my first post since changing the focus of my career so I am not going to go on for very long. I posted earlier on my Facebook Fan page that I was going to announce what my future held as a writer, as promised, here it is. As of right now, my career in the genre of horror is over. I will not be quitting writing entirely, but I will be moving into inspirational and motivational writing and books.Although I have changed directions with my writing career, I will continue to work the Vampire Lawman Series until we reach the end of that series. Because of the direction it is going, I feel that it is important to finish it.A lot of people that I know cringe when someone tells them that they are a christian.  I can see where they start with such feelings, look at how many Christians conduct themselves today. I know quite a few that don't really practice what they preach as they move through their lives judging others and avoiding most because they never want to deal with it. It is not our job to judge people, we are called upon by Jesus to love one another, where did Jesus say, "Love others unless they..." because I will change my way of thinking if someone can find it for me. I have always been an avid fan of History Channel, but nothing drove me crazier than when a racist group would say that what they do and believe is in the Bible. I am just a regular man, I am no pastor or preacher, but I have never once be in a church where anyone has told me about Jesus supporting racism. You have churches protesting the funerals of soldiers when by the nature of the word they read, they should be console the the family and showing that they care about them as Jesus does. Topeka-based Westboro Baptist Church gained a lot of attention for the protests that have been a lot of televised attention for its heartless protests in the sights of grieving families as they put their son, daughter, brother, or sister into the ground. As Jesus died on the cross, did he not ask the father to forgive those for what they were doing?  Why would a true believer in Jesus Christ work so hard to add to the tears of another of God's children?  The courts have made judgements against them, but they still continue to do these things and scream at the top of their lungs that it is for God. The fact that a bunch of bikers stepped up to block the sight and sounds of the protesters from the poor greiving family brought a tear to my eye, and I am happy that they did so with out violence in anyway.  I am not saying that we all have to embrace war and what it brings about, but as followers of Christ, Christians should be there for their fellow man, not as salt in the wound, but as a loving sibling that wants to help you through your time of pain. I am not perfect man, but I still felt the protests at the funerals were horrible before I became a Christian. I also get annoyed when churches refuse membership to a certain person or class. We all need to remember the church is not the building, it is the people that come there to worship that is really the church. It took me over 30 years to finally find a church that I felt at home in, a church that turns no one away, as Christ himself would have never done.  "Judge Not, lest ye be judged," i believe is how it goes. I have seen people that i have known to not have lead a sinless life push to have someone tossed out of church because they had fallen. Jesus forgives us and gives us all many chances, why cannot we do the same in his name. Family Life Fellowship in Moberly, Missouri turns no one away. Who is anyone to say that any man or woman does not have the right to worship the one true God. Jesus believed that all of people who have fallen deserve to be saved. It is God's will that no one burn in hell.  Now, what are your thoughts on what i have said. Please comment and turn this into a discussion. Comments containing obscene language will be deleted, otherwise, LET THE DISCUSSION BEGIN.