Westboro Baptist Church gained notoriety for their protest of the military funeral in various areas of this country. Just today I heard that they were headed to Joplin, Missouri to picket. Now, let that sink in for a second. A church is supposed to go to an area hit my a tornado that  is thought to have been 3/4 of a mile wide and killed over 100 people with over 1000 still missing. After getting word of this disgusting protest being planned, I went to there site and looked around. 

My heart was broken into thousands of pieces at what I saw. The more I saw the more i began to realize that the Westboro Baptist Church isn't a Christian church, it is a hate group under the disguise of a church. First, the URL for the site is "godhatesfags.com." In their blogs, they praise the destruction that the tornadoes have wrought upon people in recent days. There is a link to another of there pages where you can see what they describe as God's hate in the bible. The released a press release that thanks God for the deaths in Joplin and announce their intent to protest Obama, who they veiw as the anti-Christ, in this ravaged area of Missouri. If you aren't sure to believe me, go here. You can see this disgusting press release yourself. 

I can not, will not ever believe that God hates anyone on earth. I believe that those who fall away from knowing the love of God do not stir hatred in God. God does not wish that anyone burn, how can you believe that God hates us, yet believe that there is salvation? IF God hated us, why would he have given his only son to the cross for us? It is God who delivers judgement upon our souls, not some Hate-group masquerading at a church of God. This so-called Christian establishment believes that people need to hear about God's hate more than they need air, water, or even bread. 

Hey, WBC, Do you really want to see signs and wonders? Do you really want to see God at work? How about you look to see what is happening in the aftermath? God's people are coming together to help each other out in love and compassion. Family Life Fellowship Ministries in Moberly, Missouri had an empty warehouse as the full detail of what was happening to Joplin became clearer and clearer. God moved in a great number of ways to help FLF come up with ways to bring urgently need supplies to Joplin. I personally have told the lead pastor that I would be willing to travel with him if needed when they deliver more on Sunday.

We are all sinners, according to WBC, God hates us for it. Should that not mean that they are hated by God, at least by their own way of thinking? Jesus called us to love all and isn't what WBC is doing a direct action against the commandment to love all? We are to love God and one another, and it tears me up inside that the pastor of WBC has his entire congregations celebrating what they see is a hate-filled God. 

God so loves us that he gave us the freedom to have thought and choice. God so loves us that no matter how we have fallen, we always have the option to come to him to be forgiven. GOD SO LOVES US THAT WE WERE GIVEN THIS GIFT OF LIFE. GOD SO LOVES US THAT HE GIVES US THE GIFTS OF FRIENDSHIPS, FAMILY, AND THE WONDERFUL GIFT OF FELLOWSHIP WITH OTHERS WHO LOVE GOD.

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