Some have questioned why I have decided to continue to sell my old books in the horror genre, well... here is why:

My life has been a wonderful journey, which includes the writing. My mother was correct when she once said that I was put on this earth to write, it truly is what I love to do. Everything that i have written has had a moral to the story that is usually pretty deep. From "never give up" to wrestling with regret and allowing it to ruin your life. I have always wanted to write in different genres, I still do, but to hide the things I have spent so many hours of hard work on would be a waste. I do not profess that I am anything other than a flawed human. I do not profess to be anything more than a writer who is a Christian. I do not believe that all of my writing will be for everyone, I only say that I bring to some a form of entertainment. With the story of my life, i hope to help others to know they are not alone in trials. With Serendipity, I hope to bring help to charities. With my Christian writing, I hope to bring others to the decsion that has changed my life for the better. 

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